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C Band Master Pure HD Broadcast. Exclusively on Rainier.

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Rainier Satellite is proud to announce, our receiver and programming sales have begun for the Full Arc Master HD Platform as of May 15th 2015. This platform utilizes the Rainier Cisco Commercial-Quality D9865H Receiver & Basic Lifeline HD Pack, including NFL Network HD, Mav TV HD, Z Living HD, Bloomberg TV HD, Pivot HD with NFL Red Zone and more on the way. We also include over 200 FreeView channels available on C band, including big TV Network's with our advanced 3 in one receiver. All in Glorious Master HD Pure Quality.

One Box Solution
Subscription & FTA
Only Rainier's Advanced Receiver can deliver both C band Master HD Subscription Television and FTA in one box. No need for another receiver to watch FTA TV. Save money with Rainier's One Box Solution!

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The Best Quality Picture...  Pure Quality HD...
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Are you watching your HDTV picture the way it was meant to be seen?

Not if your watching many of the major television services that claim to provide high definition audio and video. These services over compress and bit-starve the picture and sound quality. This is meant to make the transmission smaller in size and cheaper for the service providers, but not for you. What you are left with is a soft, dulled image, with macro-blocking
macroblocking and mosquito noise which is experienced as large and small square blocks of color, and fuzziness around images. These are digital artifacts that fill in the lost data. The sound quality is not immune to this downgrading as bits and pieces of the audio is lost as well and filler is added. Providers that do this only offer second or third generation signals, copies of copies, and do not provide the full bandwidth needed for a high quality picture and sound.

You spent your hard earned money on an HDTV and a sound system that is capable of delivering a much better quality then your getting from these services. Wouldn't you rather get your moneys worth and truly experience HD as it was meant to be?


Ultra High Bandwidth 1080 Pure HD
With the help of Rainier Satellite’s Ultra High Bandwidth HD programming services. Our programming is different than all the others. You receive it via C-band satellite. (this ensures no weather related issues and provides broadcast quality signals) These are very high quality Pure1080 Razor Sharp HD signals. The Rainier signals are not over compressed and rival blu-ray quality or better. Sharpness, detail, and color are breathtaking. The sound quality of your home theater system benefits too, since it's also not bit starved due to insufficient bandwidth.

We also do not bitstarve our SD channels. We use higher bitrates on SD that most other providers use on HD. This assures our SD quality is top shelf. We provide DVD or better quality SD. Both the HD and SD picture quality we provide for you looks excellent even on a large 100 inch screen. Rainier stands for Quality not Quantity.

Isn't it time you see what your missing, and get what you paid for with that HDTV and home theater sound system? Get Rainiers Satellites HD / SD programming services, and receive the best picture and sound quality money can buy.

  Rainier Satellite Programming is not limited to your Home.
  Introducing Rainier Satellite for Business.
Boost your business revenue potential with Rainier Satellite. We know that great television is not limited to your home. Your customers Boost your business revenue potential with Rainier's access to the best programming that television has to offer, at the best possible rates. Own a Sports Bar, Restaurant, etc. Have a 60 inch plus HDTV screen? Tired of the important game going out in the rain? Own a Hotel, Motel, Cruise Ship line, etc and need programming for your guests? Then Rainier is for you. Contact our Commercial Department for more information.


Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of customer service, by committing ourselves to be the best through continuous improvement. We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience for every client. We pledge to make a difference for our clients by focusing on integrity, respect and loyalty.

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