Catch All the Best NFL Action
with Rainier.

Only Rainier Satellite brings your HDTV right on the 50
yard line Live With Our Pure Broadcast 1080 HD.

Get all the 2015 Action to Superbowl 50. Order PURE
HD Exclusivly from Rainier for the Live Pure HD Action!

Mav tv HD

MAV TV is Motorsports!
Only Rainier Satellite brings your HDTV right to the
Speedway Live With Our Pure Broadcast 1080 HD.

If you Love Everything Cars, then MAV TV is the
channel for you.

Z Living HD

Z Living is the place that takes you to a healthier
happier you. Get Z Living Today!

Available in Glorious Pure Master Broadcast 1080 HD
Only on Rainier Satellite!

Bloomberg tv HD

A Sophisticated Business and
Financial News Channel.

Bloomberg Television delivers power tools for power
players and serious investors.

Available in Beautiful Pure Broadcast
1080 HD from Rainier Satellite.

Pivot TV HD

Exciting Entertainment Channel
From Participant Media.

Suspense - Mystery - Series, Pivot has it. If you enjoy
these shows and more, Pivot is the channel for you!

Exclusively Available in Pure Broadcast
HD only on Rainier Satellite.

Rainier Receiver

The One Box Solution!
Only Rainier's Advanced receiver can view
Subscription and FTA Channels ALL in One Box.

No need for another receiver to watch FTA TV
Save money with Rainier's One Box Solution!

CAS +Plus

New Channels Launching Soon with the addition of CAS Plus.
CAS Plus can deliver hundreds of Subscription HD Channels
on the D9865 Receiver!

CAS Plus Technology Launching Soon on Rainier!

Cisco/Rainier D9865H Receiver & Lifeline Basic Package Required to get NFL Network in PURE HD.


No more need for an old 4DTV or analog receiver to move your dish, Rainier Satellite now carries the highly acclaimed Pansat AP-600 mover. This is one of the best bug free movers out there to date. Powerful 36 volt high amperage design. Built in overload protection. Actuator re-synchronization feature for easy reset. Parental Lock / Unlock feature.

The AP-600 combines excellent with our Full Arc Master Broadcast Platform and the D9865 receiver for simple flawless dish movement.

You can read the review here

You can order yours here





C Band Subscription TV is Back and Better than Ever. Catch all your Favorite Networks in Pure HD Only from Rainier!

Get Started - Order your HD Receiver and get programming for a little as $10.83 per month!

NFL Network Included in Lifeline Basic Pack


Rainier Satellite Programming is not limited to your Home.
Introducing Rainier Satellite for Business.
Boost your business revenue potential with Rainier Satellite. We know that great television is not limited to your home. Your customers Boost your business revenue potential with Rainier's access to the best programming that television has to offer, at the best possible rates. Own a Sports Bar, Restaurant, etc. Have a 60 inch plus HDTV screen? Tired of the important game going out in the rain? Own a Hotel, Motel, Cruise Ship line, etc and need programming for your guests? Then Rainier is for you. Contact our Commercial Department at: for more information.


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