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Rainier has the Best NFL Action the way it was meant to be seen.

See it all in Pure 1080 Ultra High Bandwidth HD.


Rainier Satellite is a

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Commercial C Band Satellite Programming Provider.
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Rainier Satellie HD Programming Leader
..... Watch the Best Satellite TV in Pure Quality HD only from Rainier .....

.....Programming in Rainier's Exclusive 1O80 Pure Quality HD.....

Rainier Satellite Facts

The Best Quality Picture...  Pure Quality HD...
Only From Rainier Satellite!

             No One Compares.    Read on...

Are you watching your HDTV picture the way it was meant to be seen?

Not if your watching many of the major television services that claim to provide high definition audio and video. These services over compress and bit-starve the picture and sound quality. This is meant to make the transmission smaller in size and cheaper for the service providers,
macroblocking but not for you. What you are left with is a soft, dulled image, with macro-blocking and mosquito noise which is experienced as large and small square blocks of color, and fuzziness around images. These are digital artifacts that fill in the lost data. The sound quality is not immune to this downgrading as bits and pieces of the audio is lost as well and filler is added. Providers that do this only offer second or third generation signals, copies of copies, and do not provide the full bandwidth needed for a high quality picture and sound.

You spent your hard earned money on an HDTV and a sound system that is capable of delivering a much better quality then your getting from these services. Wouldn't you rather get your moneys worth and truly experience HD as it was meant to be?


Ultra High Bandwidth 1080 Pure HD
With the help of Rainier Satellite’s Ultra High Bandwidth HD programming services. Our programming is different than all the others. You receive it via C-band satellite. (this ensures no weather related issues and provides broadcast quality signals) These are very high quality Pure1080 HD signals. The Rainier signals are not over compressed and rival blu-ray quality or better. Sharpness, detail, and color are breathtaking. The sound quality of your home theater system benefits too, since it's also not bit starved due to insufficient bandwidth.
We also do not bitstarve our SD channels. We use higher bitrates on SD that most other providers use on HD. This assures our SD quality is top shelf. We provide DVD or better quality SD. Both the HD and SD picture quality we provide for you looks excellent even on a large 100 inch screen. Rainier stands for Quality not Quantity.

Isn't it time you see what your missing, and get what you paid for with that HDTV and home theater sound system? Get Rainiers Satellites HD / SD programming services, and receive the best picture and sound quality money can buy.

Rainier Satellite Providing the Rebirth of C Band Satellite TV
2014 is the Year of Rainier Satellite's HDTV Excitement

National 50 State Subscription Programming Coverage including Alaska and Hawaii.

Coming from the Rainier Direct to Home Broadcast C Band Satellites.


Important Announcements

The Future of C Band has Arrived.
Important Announcements and New Additions from Rainier!
More big news coming soon...

The Best Addition for HD C Band Programming Yet!
Announcing EasyVu DTH from Rainier Satellite.

Details About EasyVu DTH:

  • Easy one satellite access positioned at one location in the sky.
  • Works with smaller C band satellite dishes.
  • No weather related reception issues (rain / snow outages like small ku dish systems).
  • Simple receiver operation and channel tuning for all family members.
  • Channels broadcast using Rainiers 1080 Pure HD Ultra High Bandwidth system.
  • All channels utilizing Cisco's secure PowerVu encryption.
EasyVu DTH simplifies installation and operation. By placing our channels on one very strong direct broadcast C band satellite, this adds... Easy channel access using the Cisco D9865H receiver. A fixed smaller C band satellite dish can be utilized resulting in less start up cost for new users. All encryption platforms are now made compatible for our use with our PowerVu content management system. Broadcast original picture integrity is kept thanks to Rainiers 1080 Pure HD Ultra High Bandwidth system. The Future has Arrived for your 60 inch plus HDTV.

Rainier Satellite Programming is not limited to your Home.
Introducing Rainier Satellite for Business.

Boost your business revenue potential with Rainier Satellite. We know that great television is not limited to your home. Your customers Boost your business revenue potential with Rainier's access to the best programming that television has to offer, at the best possible rates. Own a Sports Bar, Restaurant, etc. Have a 60 inch plus HDTV screen? Tired of the important game going out in the rain? Own a Hotel, Motel, Cruise Ship line, etc and need programming for your guests? Then Rainier is for you. Contact our Commercial Department for more information.

Rainier Total Control.

Rainier Satellite is proud to announce we have in the works the New Cisco Rainier Total Control Tracker for the D9865H receiver. This unit is a superior product designed built and fully suported by Rainier Satellite. This is our own Proprietary OEM unit/design. We do not recommend any 3rd party vendor unit to directly interface with the Cisco D9865H receiver.

The Ultimate Dish Set Up / Cisco Rainier Total Control.
Get all in one total integrated control.

Rainier Satellite has combined the use of the Cisco D9865H Set Top Box with the Cisco Rainier Total Control Tracker to create the most Advanced C band multi component system to date.

The Cisco D9865H Receiver combined with the Cisco Rainier Total Control Tracker is all you will need to replace your old receiver and control all functions to the dish. This includes reception of Rainier Subscription and FTA channels, satellite dish movement, servo control, and correct power to operate the best PLL LNB. It features state of the art technology under the hood for years of reliable service. Operation is totally automatic from the Cisco 9865's remote once set up. These married units go together great and will offer the absolute best for the end user.



3rd Party Tracker / Mover Association Ended

May Update

Early Rollout Update

Pure only from Rainier
Rollout Status Monitor

Testing Program Active +
Early Rollout Testing Active
Programer Contracts Active
RTC Tracker Design Active
Early Rollout Public Pending
Full Rollout Public Pending
PowerVu Active
Basic Dish Mover 4DTV
EasyVu DTH R&D Mode
Moble Future

4DTV on Rainier

Do you own a 4DTV?

Keep them in good fully functional working condition. They also can be used for a dish mover with the Rainier Satellite's Cisco receiver system.

Get your 4DTV ready here

Pure Master HD signals from our PowerVu Pure Platform

Check out Rainiers PowerVu Pure Platform in Action on MAV TV.

Click on images below for full size

Check out Rainiers PowerVu Pure Platform in Action on NFL Network.

Click on images below for full size

3rd party vendor tracker/mover association ended. (official announcement)

Rainier Satellite is no longer associated with any 3rd party vendor for our tracker mover. We have decided it is in our best interest to keep this project in house to create the best experience for the Cisco D9865H receiver. Rainier can also provide the best support to the end user this way. We pride ourselves to offer only the highest quality products and services here at Rainier Satellite. This decision and the Cisco Rainier Total Control package is an extension of this commitment to bring you only the best.

RTC is all you will ever need, only available from us.

Download official announcement

Rainier Satellite LLC continues to move forward.

As the Cisco Rainier C band platform continues to grow and overcome obstacles in its path, Rainier is putting together the best possible turnkey solution to be released to the end user. It's taking a long time but will be all worth it when released. Rainier refuses to bow to peer pressure and launch a half baked system just to appease those in a hurry. If its worth doing its worth doing right, even if it takes longer to get there. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we grow.

Rainier to carry Satellite Dishes and provide installation at your location.

Our Dealer team is working on a network to have professional installers come out to install the proper dish needed for our channels. If you don't have a c band dish now, Rainier will be able to provide them and installation if you need that also. We are dedicated to C band.

Early Rollout Tester Program has Commenced.

Rainier Satellite LLC is proud to announce that Rainiers Early Rollout Program has now begun full testing stage. This commenced March 3rd 2014. This testing phase for testers currently, is designed to work out any issues ahead of time with multiple programming services, signal etc, before public early rollout. Once completed we will progress to public early rollout mode and make it available to the mainstream public. Rainier's call center will be in place at that time and able to take orders for receivers and programming. The future of C band satellite is here. Stay tuned for future updates.

Rainier Satellite is proud to announce that we will be providing the full channel lineup from ES Entertainment. They will be launching in our 2014 lineup.

Early Rollout Update Letter from Rainier Corporate read...

Official Rainier Press Release from Cisco Gold Partner SIGMAnet. read...

Cisco's Policies and Procedures Concerning Receivers. read...

8 Foot Dishes working well with our testing program. more...

      For directions to get your C Band system ready for Rainier's Programming click here


Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of customer service, by committing ourselves to be the best through continuous improvement. We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience for every client. We pledge to make a difference for our clients by focusing on integrity, respect and loyalty.

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