Television Choices and Programming Provider


C Band Satellite HD Programming Provider
Providing HD & SD Programming Choices for Commercial and Consumer End Users.

A Rainier Pool Cisco D9865H Receiver is Required for our Consumer Packages.
3rd party Cisco Non Rainier Pool Receivers cannot be authorized.

New Channels Launching Soon!

Ssports on rainier

Big Name Sports Channels Coming to our EasyVu DTH Pure 1080 HD System.

Motor Sports ... Football ... Baseball ... Hockey ... Basketball ... Tennis .... and more Big Sports Action all in Pure HD!

Rainier Satellite Programming

NFL NETWORK HD on Rainier Satellite

MAV TV HD on Rainier Satellite


We are currently working with many programmers to carry their channels. We have many contracts signed already with more coming soon. To speed up launch to the public, at startup not every channel Rainier is working on will be available. Some channels do take longer due to contract negotiations taking longer. These will be added to the growing lists as we continue to grow. We are dedicated to C band and its growth.

FreeView Channels access included with purchase of receiver.

The following FreeView channels are available for free on c band. These can be viewed in addition to our subscription channels. Only the Rainier Cisco D9865H can receive both Subscription and FreeView Channels all in one receiver. No extra box needed. A movable dish is required.