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C Band Satellite HD Programming Provider
Providing HD Programming Choices for Commercial and Consumer End Users.

Rainier Satellite Programming
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NFL NETWORK HD on Rainier Satellite

MAV TV HD on Rainier Satellite

Limited Channel Information is being shown at this time.

  • Are you looking for choice?
  • Are you looking for something different?
  • Are you tired of overpaying for popular cable and satellite channels?
  • Tired of being forced into long term contracts to get those channels?
  • Tired of poor HD & SD picture quality on that expensive HDTV?
  • Are you looking for Hi Def Channels in Blu-Ray Quality HD?
  • Tired of rain / snow outages, being down during or after a storm?
  • Tired of channels going away on the 4DTV system?

Then you need Rainer Satellite's television programming!

At Rainier Satellite your never charged a monthly HD access fee like
with other providers. HD is included free with your standard rates.

For directions to get your C Band system ready
for Rainier's Programming click here

We are a Multi Platform HD / SD Provider. HD Channels are found on
the Cisco PowerVu Platform. Other Platforms may be in SD only.

Blackout at
This Time
During this phase of negotiations with programmers. Limited Channel Information is being shown at this time.

This does not mean that Rainier Satellite has not acquired or working on obtaining access to many channels not listed at this time. This is being done as a courtesy while negotiations with big name and other programmers are taking place.

Rainier will have our startup channel list here at early rollout.  

We are currently working with many programmers to carry their channels. To speed up launch to the public with our early rollout, not every channel Rainier is working on will be available at early rollout. Some channels can take longer due to contract negotiations taking longer. These will be added to the growing list as we continue to grow. We are dedicated to C band.

We are working on providing the best for the C band satellite platform.

The Advantages of C Band Programming...

TVRO Television Receive Only.

C-Band systems have the ability to deliver thousands of channels of programming. C-Band satellite systems deliver far superior picture quality over what the small satellite DBS systems, Cable and IPTV TV can deliver. The master broadcast (first generation) signals are delivered on C-Band, this can not be found anywhere else. We make this available to you direct to home.

One of the biggest problems with small satellite DBS and cable is the poor SD and HD picture quality they provide. This is due to a lack of bandwidth and overcompressing the signal. With the advent of HDTV's with screen sizes up to 100 inches. The poor quality by those providers cannot deliver what the HDTV needs for a sharp clear image. C Band satellite is not limited by bandwidth problems and can even provide the new 4K Ultra HD 2160p signals. This assures the best quality picture for your HDTV.

C-Band satellite is also not affected by heavy rain and other weather related conditions like the smaller DBS-type satellite systems. C-Band satellite systems don't go out like cable TV often does after a thunderstorm. C-Band is the delivery method of choice used by virtually every TV and radio station in the U.S. to receive their network programming feeds. The broadcasters chose this because of its advantages over other delivery systems.

C Band programming costs have historically have been less than any other pay systems, this will continue. This combined with choice and other benefits make it a win win situation for those who choose C Band.